In-Kennel Training

Our In-Kennel Training Program is a highly intensive, five-week program of daily training designed to maximize success for both you and your dog. This program allows the professional trainers here time to properly develop your dog socially and to teach fundamental obedience. The first three weeks of the program consist of teaching the dog in the presence of little or no distraction. The fourth week involves working in the presence of controlled distractions, with the level of distraction specifically tailored to your dog’s needs. The fifth and final week consists of real-world distractions. It involves our professional trainers taking your dog off-site to polish skills in behaving properly and performing obediently in real-life situations.

We firmly believe in developing good handlers along with developing good dogs, and so this program includes six private lessons with our professional trainers for you and your dog together. These lessons are paramount to the success of you and your dog as a TEAM. The first lesson comes at the three-week mark. It involves teaching you proper leash technique and how to require obedience in the presence of low-level distractions. The second lesson is at the four-week mark, and consists of teaching you how to perform obedience drills with your dog in the presence of controlled distractions tailored specifically for you and your dog. The third lesson is on pick-up day. It is designed to show you how to handle your dog in the presence of real-world distractions. This lesson also is designed to transfer firmly the leadership role from the trainers to you, in the mind of your dog.

After the five-week program is completed, three private lessons remain. They are used primarily for touch-up work, both for you and for your dog.

What We Teach Your Dog:

  • To sit on command.
  • To lie down on command.
  • To stay on command while sitting, standing or lying down.
  • To walk on a loose leash (heeling).
  • To greet humans and dogs in a calm and controlled manner while on a leash, in every situation.
  • To turn his excitement on or off, at your discretion.

We also address specific behavioral issues, as necessary (aggression toward dogs and people, excessive barking, etc.)

What We Teach You:

  • How to develop your dog.
  • How to handle a leash properly.
  • How to read canine body language.
  • How to communicate properly and effectively with your dog.

The program includes food, accommodations, training for your dog and training for you. Cost is $2,200 USD.

This program is excellent for all dogs. It is designed to develop good dogs into great dogs, and to rehabilitate dogs with complex behavioral issues.