Group Lessons

Group sessions, as opposed to private ones, offer several pros and cons. In the “pro” column, they are more economical than private lessons. They provide a ready-made socialization opportunity for your dog. They also provide an opportunity for you to meet and get to know fellow dog-lovers. In the “con” column, the instruction is necessarily more generalized than it is in private sessions. Instructors are unable to provide as much individual coaching. They also are unable to focus on individual problem-solving.

Group classes are available for on-leash dog training in our basic obedience program. The course offers a one hour session per week for six weeks.

What we teach you includes:

  • How to read canine body language
  • How to communicate commands properly and effectively

Together, we teach your dog:

  • To walk on a loose leash
  • To sit on command
  • To sit automatically at your side
  • To lie down on command
  • To come on-leash on command
  • To stay when so directed, in spite of distractions
  • To greet people and animals in a well-mannered way

Cost $200

Prerequisites: current vaccinations