Bellevue Dog Boarding

Consider joining the increasing number of people from Bellevue and other locations east of Lake Washington who meet their Bellevue dog boarding and dog training needs by calling Camano Island Kennels. We are located just a few miles north of Everett in northwest Washington, conveniently close to home for Bellevue dog owners. We also offer a round trip shuttle service to many locations for your pets visit, for those who prefer not to make the drive.

Cost is surprisingly affordable. A few days of dog boarding on Camano Island will cost far less than a similar amount of time at most urban kennels in Bellevue or Seattle.

Our full-service dog boarding, dog training and dog grooming facility is situated on five rural and scenic acres within an hour’s drive of Bellevue. It offers the canine members of your family a respite from city life, but with all the finer things that make a dog’s life worth living – covered kennel enclosures, premium food, soothing music, in-floor radiant heating, walking trails and a three-acre, park-like, fenced area for exercise and play time.

Your dog will enjoy the pungent aroma of forest and field instead of the smell of car and truck exhaust, and the comforting sounds of bird calls instead of the noise of city traffic.

Daily van service is available for your dog, arriving and departing at Stella Ruffington’s Doggy Daycare in West Seattle. If you prefer to transport your pet yourself, Camano Island is located off Interstate 5 at Exit 212, and is accessible by bridge.

If you wish, you can combine your pet’s country vacation at our dog resort with a complete beauty treatment at the loving hands of our professional groomer, or combine it with individualized, in-kennel dog training designed specifically for your pet, at the hands of one of our full-time professional dog trainers.

We welcome all ages, sizes and breeds of dogs, as well as a full range of canine personality types. Contact us for your Bellevue dog boarding needs today!