February 20, 2014

I love this place!! I have never ever left my dog with anyone other than family before. I was new to the area (Mukilteo) and did not know anyone to watch my dog. My landlord recommended Camano Island Kennels and I fell in love! They came and picked my dog up from my house (awesome!) They asked me if she was more of a “people dog” or a “doggy dog” I wasn’t sure what they meant, but they explained that some dogs prefer to be around people while others prefer to be around other dogs. My dog is very shy and timid, especially around other dogs, so they said she would be their little helper. She hung out with the people in the office, and when she wanted to, she wondered off to see the other dogs. When I went to pick her up, she was clean and happy, and actually didn’t want to leave the people there. She was so excited to see me again, but kept running to them for more love. Great people here!! Thanks for making my experience so enjoyable!
Jessica K.
Mukilteo, WA

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