Dog Training Tips – Essential Commands to Train First

March 31, 2016

Training your dog can be highly rewarding. Before your dog makes it into their first training session, there are a few commands you can easily teach at home, which may better prepare your pet for their professional training. Obedience training is great for dogs that are overactive and need a little more guidance, but most dogs (regardless of age), can pick up these essential commands.

Four Commands to Teach Your Dog

Whether you have a 12-week old puppy or a one-year old dog, these commands are rather simple and can help you and your dog communicate better.

  1. Sit – This is one of the easiest commands for a dog to pick up on and the best one to start with. Hold a treat close to your dog’s nose and then move your hand up and down so that the dog’s head follows it until the body naturally sits. Once in the sitting position, say “sit” and give the treat as a reward for obeying you.
  2. Come – This can actually help keep your dog out of trouble. You can train with a leash or without a leash. Have your dog away from you and use a hand gesture on the ground to tell your dog to come to you. If using a leash, you will need to pull the leash toward you and say “come” so that your dog understands what you are doing.
  3. Down – This is a more difficult obedience command and one that may require some professional assistance. Dogs do not naturally obey submissive commands. To teach your dog to go down, you will need to find a good-smelling treat and hold it in your fist. Then, hold your hand up to your dog’s snout. When the dog sniffs at the item in your hand, move it slowly to the floor so that the dog follows it. Then slide your hand along the floor until the dog lies down. Once in position, you say “down” and then offer a reward in the form of a treat.
  4. Stay – You will need to teach your dogs to sit before you can expect them to stay. Tell your dog to sit, and then start to take a few steps back. Keep your hand out and repeat “stay.” As long as the dog stays, they get a treat. If not, repeat until they understand.

Sign Up Your Dog for Obedience Lessons Too

Training at home can teach your dog the basics, but for a well-balanced pet, you will need to take them to obedience lessons with a professional. In professional training, your dog can learn everything from the essentials to obedience to even group sessions for socialization.

Camano Island Kennels offers professional group and private training sessions for dogs of all ages. Call us at 360-387-DOGS to learn more or contact us online to request a quote for your dog’s next lesson.

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