Let Your Pets Enjoy Summer, but Help them Avoid Heat Stroke

June 28, 2016

Dogs, unlike humans, do not perspire. The only sweat glands dogs have are on the pads of their feet. In order to self-cool, dogs will pant and use a method known as ‘convection’ to help cool their skin. By doing this, a dog can help exchange the warmth in their body for the cooler air […]

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How Much Exercise Does My Dog Need?

May 31, 2016

Dogs are much like humans when it comes to their activity levels – some need an abundant amount of exercise while others can get away with handfuls here and there. Aside from breed, other factors such as your dog’s overall health and age, can determine how much physical activity is needed to maintain their health. […]

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Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

April 26, 2016

You love your pets and you want to take care of them the right way. With the vet bills, vaccinations and checkups, you may quickly realize that taking care of your pet’s health also means paying quite a bit of money. To help offset the costs, you may have looked into pet insurance – but […]

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Dog Training Tips – Essential Commands to Train First

March 31, 2016

Training your dog can be highly rewarding. Before your dog makes it into their first training session, there are a few commands you can easily teach at home, which may better prepare your pet for their professional training. Obedience training is great for dogs that are overactive and need a little more guidance, but most […]

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Treat Your Dog for Valentine’s Day – But Don’t Let Your Love Cause Trouble!

February 11, 2016

Your dog is special and showers you with love every day. You want to do the same, especially on Valentine’s Day. To show your love and affection for your furry friend, you want to do something extra special. However, dogs cannot enjoy the same treats as humans. Popular Valentine’s Day gifts such as chocolates, flowers, […]

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