October 1, 2013

AMAZING. Ryan and I adopted our dog Teddy in southern California a little over a year ago when he was about 3 years old. The shelter didn’t give us a lot of information other than his history of abandonment, likely abuse and the fact that he would soon be euthanized due to his size and demeanor. Teddy became a problem really quickly when it came to meeting ANYBODY new in his life. He would growl, bark and lunge at anyone who he didn’t know. He trusted no one. I found myself taking him on walks where nobody would see us and avoiding people coming to our door or coming over to our house all together. We took him to multiple training facilities here in Washington that refused to work with him because of the risk factor and his inability to trust the trainers he would be working with. We were told by a couple professionals that he was practically a lost cause. The hardest part was seeing Teddy so calm and happy in our home and then the minute we get out the door he would put up a barrier between himself and the world. No one understood that he really was a great dog with such a great personality until we came to Camano Island Kennels. We had a couple personal training appointments with Teddy and decided to commit to the 5 week boarding/training program that is offered. I cannot even begin to explain the amazing work and time that was put into my dog during his stay at Camano Island Kennels. Teddy is now a progressively changing dog that is able to share his soft side with our friends, family and even neighbors! Jason and the staff were so determined and supportive of Teddy and our family that the atmosphere was perfect for progress and success. We have been able to learn so much from the knowledge possessed by Jason and the staff who continue to support Ryan and I in our journey with Teddy. I would recommend this program to anyone with ANY type of dog without a doubt. Through our experiences, we have learned that happiness, respect, fun and control are all possible simultaneously.

Shelbi Vopnford                                                                                                                                                                                                       Mount Vernon, WA

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